About Us

Our small team at Cadeaux de France brings the natural beauty, light, and ambience of the Provence region of southern France into your home at an affordable and usable price, We carefully select for you those fine table and kitchen linens, sumptuously scented soaps and luxurious lotions that best reflect Provence. They come specially to you from the creators, markets, and small boutiques of La Belle France. We seek out and offer only those products that are suitable for our own homes and they are all Made In France.



My shopping day starts here.

Leta has spent many hours in the department stores and boutiques of France. Her love affair with all things French and Provençal began in her Junior High School days when she was first introduced to the language and culture by three marvelous instructors. Her passion continued to flourish in University where she earned degrees in French and in History. Leta went on to spend many years in Technical Recruiting, then teaching American History at the University level focusing on immigration. Now retired from both, Leta is pouring all of her energy into sharing her passion for the French lifestyle and ambiance at Cadeaux de France. Leta delights in setting a warm and lovely table, hosting events and parties in which her guests can experience the same French and Provençal experience she adores. At the end of a long day, there is nothing better for Leta than using a French lavender-scented soap and shower gel to pamper herself.

On the way to the Luberon petits boutiques.

Nykky represents the young, sophisticated shopper. Her ability to locate unique and stylish trendy products is remarkable. A pre-law student at a private liberal arts college near Philadelphia, Nykky has boundless energy. She is focused on her studies but also plays shooting guard in local league basketball. In her "spare time," she enjoys an active social life and is tuned into the latest and greatest among the 20-something set. A day of shopping with Nykky is like running a marathon, especially in Le Marché. She will hunt for a specific item forever. On her last trip to Aix-en Provence, Nykky came upon a spectacular new organic line of body lotion, soaps, and shower gels in subtle and unusual scents. Its fabulous scent is very light and refreshing, just what young ladies look for in their skin products. What a find she made! The latest and the greatest: It is a just released collection from one of the finest firms in the French skin care industry. Check it out here; we love it!


Our Inspiration!

Alie, like all Bichon Frisés, was born with a natural French style and taste. She pays careful attention to quality and value, often dismissing an inferior item or bad taste with a sniff and a quick turn of her head. Is she picky? Yes. Is she curt? You bet. Is she the epitome of the French savoir faire and attitude? By all means. She is our inspiration.